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Direct from ID Stronghold Ladies RFID Purse Cross Body


Direct from ID Stronghold Ladies RFID Purse Cross Body

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The simple, classic design of this cross body bag makes it your take anywhere choice. Inside, you’ll find a large zippered pocket, perfect for your cell phone, and six shielded credit card slots along with plenty of open storage for everything else you need.  The shoulder strap is adjustable for use as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag.  Please note that we have shielded the 6 credit card slots in this RFID crossbody purse for your protection, but have left the remainder of the bag unshielded so you may conveniently stow your cell phone without affecting the signal strength or battery life. Made with the finest man-made materials.

Product Specifications:

  • Six shielded credit card slots
  • Interior zippered compartment
  • Beautifully packaged in a cotton drawstring gift bag.
  • Cross body strap adjusts to approximately 53 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.75 x 4 inches
  • Shielded Purse Weight: 15.3 oz.
Every single pocket on every womens wallet is entirely shielded individually, locking your personal information safely inside. Thanks to this smart design, even when your rfid wallet is wide open, each card remains protected.


Our rfid wallets will shield all contactless credit and debit cards as well as passport cards, enhanced drivers licenses, transit cards, HID iClass cards, TWIC cards, PIV cards, CAC cards, LincPass cards and others. For best shielding results, the clear ID slot should be limited to one card only. You can have all your store rewards cards with you when you need them. Carry your health card, insurance card, and auto club cards with you. No need to keep some cards at home; you’ll have room for everything with our fashionable clutch!


Identity Stronghold is committed to helping you keep your identity safe.


We started the RFID protection industry in 2006. We continue to lead this industry by creatively applying shielding technology to a variety of products that block radio waves and thereby prevent thieves from remotely accessing your private information (including your complete credit and debit account numbers).


Beware of imitations that aren’t made by Identity Stronghold. We have tested many of those knock-offs in-house, including some of those hard metal wallets. Many do not shield effectively. In fact, some knock-offs actually include documentation admitting they are not 100% effective.


You can be sure you are protected when you use Identity Stronghold RFID blocking products.


Some older building access cards that operate at 125Khz may not be totally blocked by our Secure Wallets. Click Here for more information on which cards are vulnerable.